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Posted in Conservation, General Green Living, Recycling on December 9th, 2009 by Jessica | 78 comments
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Now that we have all come home with our treasures from shopping it’s time to start thinking about wrapping up some of the gifts. That is unless you are like me and like to torture yourself by having to wrap everything the night before. Here are a few eco-friendly wrapping ideas to consider.


Blooming Wrapping Paper by Uncommon Goods $20.00 This paper is a gift in itself and creates no waste because you simply plant the paper add a little water and have yourself a wonderful bouquet of wildflowers in the spring.


Giant Santa Sack by Great Big Stuff $8.77 If you have a really big gift that you’d like to wrap this reusable red sack is the perfect fit.

Recycled Wrapping Paper from Redstamp $6.00 I love the alternative designs like skulls and pimp my sleigh. They are perfect for the teens on your list.

Peace Wrap by Zola Goods $5.99 This cloth-like paper is beautiful and made from shedding tree bark so no trees have to be cut to produce this paper.

Tis the Season Eco Bag from Sweet Organics and Naturals $4.25 This is an amazing bag that is made from post consumer, manufacturing fiber waste, and sugar cane manufacturing waste. I can’t wait to try these out myself. The site also contains other great gift ideas so make sure to shop around a bit.

So What Can I Do?

  • Eco-wrapping can be a little expensive to get started so you can choose just a few pieces this year that you can keep in the family like wrapping for the kids or spouse. This way you get extra value out of your purchase. Not only do you get great eco-friendly wrapping alternatives but you also get to reuse them next year.
  • If you’re anything like me you have a whole closet full of wrapping paraphernalia already so the thought of buying more sends shivers down your back. Good news though you can still think green even if your wrapping supplies are not. I just ask my family for any unclaimed gift bags, tissue paper, and good quality bows, ribbon, or wrapping paper to recycle. That way I can limit my out-of-pocket expenses and limit landfill additions by reusing cast-offs by family and friends.
  • You can get cute shopping totes to package gifts for your friends that still have an addiction to the plastic bag. It serves two purposes by having a multifunction wrapping alternative while showing your friend just how practical the bags are and hopefully converting them one bag at a time. The Disney Store and Toys-R-Us have great ones for your more whimsical friends while Boarders and Barnes and Noble have some nice bags with a more classic twist. Be on the look out for my post on the best shopping totes available on the web.

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