Reconomy: Wait What?

Posted in General Green Living on October 29th, 2009 by Jessica | 54 comments
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So I’ve been throwing around the term Reconomy a bit lately and most of you already do this but never had a term to put to what you are doing just like I did. You may have an a-ha moment once I explain.

Reconomy is a recently emerging term due to the fact of the current economy and the state of the American family and as Americans we like to label everything. The Urban Dictionary describes reconomy simply as a recession economy and while this makes sense I don’t think that it fully explains what this term means. The Reconomy blog does a bit better job by explaining that reconomy is reusing, recycling, and reselling. This is the definition that I’m going to use as I highlight different interesting ways to reuse, recycle, and resell all the things that I have in my life.

If you are a mom or dad this isn’t new. This is a way of surviving in order to afford the very pricey task of raising children. I’m not sure about you but most of my kids clothes have either been bought through ebay, garage sales, thrift stores, or hand-me-downs. Even the vast majority of my own clothes have come to my closet from these paths.

One of my earliest memories is going garage-sailing with my Grandma. We would wake up early, chart our course, and discuss what we were looking for during the course of the day. I didn’t realize at the time but I was learning very valuable lessons about recycling and economics. Economics because I learned to never pay retail unless you absolutely had to and recycling because I learned never to throw away what someone else could put to use. These lessons are ones that I still live by and ones that have gotten me through some very lean times without having to technically go without. I cherish these memories and still look forward to garage sale season every year.

Ok now that we are on the same page, with this soon to be everywhere term, in future posts I will share with you the best ways I’ve found to maximize my own personal reconomy.


  • Vow to shop thrift stores, goodwill, garage sales, ebay, and other reselling sites for the majority of your clothing needs over the next year. (The exceptions I’m making is undergarments, gifts, and absolute must haves that I can’t find anywhere else like shoes for my growing kids)
  • Donate, resell, or give away all of the clothes that no longer work for you. Goodwill will take all donations regardless of quality and if they can not resell it they send it to 3rd world countries.
  • Locate the local freecycle user group in your area and join. Freecycle is a email group that allows you post haves and wants to people in your local area. You can place any stipulations that you want on the post and really lighten your load. I have personally used to donate baby clothes, get rid of an old entertainment center, and disperse my yard sale leftovers. In all cases the people that wanted the item came to my house to pick it up and everything can be done via email. It’s a wonderful resource.

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